The Best Clenbuterol Cycle in the Slimming Cycle

 Clenbuterol( nicknamed as Clen) is one of the most discussed drugs that has been present in the market and used for the development of different types of muscles. It has been used by people to obtain lean muscle mass. This is an anabolic that has a lot of effects but was proven to be a bronchodilator. It is due to this reason that people prefer the use of Clen in the treatment of different respiratory diseases. Information is present on the different sites related to the benefits of use, but it is important to understand how to incorporate it in cycles to get the best result.


 Clen is present in the drug market under various names given by different pharmaceutical companies like Dilaterol, Ventipulmin or Spiropent. The active component of all these pills is Clen which is usually present in a hydrochloride form. It is popularly used for the treatment of different respiratory diseases like asthma in many countries across the world and a verified decongestant. The drug is used by the athletes and bodybuilders for a completely different purpose. It has been used by people of the sporting community due to the thermogenic action of the drug. It helps in obtaining the toned look which is favoured in many of the bodybuilding competitions. Some prefer the use of Clen while others use clenbuterol y cafeina para ciclismo (Clen and caffeine for cycling). The difference in the effect of the cycle depends on the physiology and the type of physical activity that is done by the user.

Effects of use

Clenbuterol is a verified decongestant as it helps in the activation of the β-receptors that are present in the respiratory tracts. It is the thermogenic function of the steroid that has caught the interest of the people. This means that it generates more heat by the activation of the mitochondria in the cell to produce more energy and in the process, the unwanted fat that is stored in the body gets cleared. This process helps in making lean muscles in the body.  A visible change can be observed during the use of the anabolic as it causes an increase in the body temperature. Clen is not estrogenic, so the use of the steroid does not cause water retention in the body.

 Changing the cycle according to the needs

 A user normally uses the Clen cycle for months with the use of the steroid in a daily dose of 20mcg. It is often used in a cycle of two weeks with a starting dose of 20mcg with a gradual increase over a period of two weeks to 100mcg. This helps in activation of the mitochondria to produce more energy. It is due to this reason that many people find excessive lean muscles in the body.  It is followed by a recovery phase of two weeks. This alternation cycle is continued for 2-4 months to get the desired effect. Many people use clenbuterol y cafeina para Ciclismo and report that it gives the best results. It is important to understand that the final result varies between different people, but a combination of exercise and calorie restricted diet would help to gain the toned look in a shorter time.

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