Top Reasons behind Failure of a Diet

Top Reasons behind Failure of a Diet

If you believe medical surveys, you must know that two out of five dieters leave their dieting resolution just within seven days!

There are a very few people who start a diet and succeed in completing the whole course and getting to their desired weight mark. Apart from the failure, one more common thing among the dieters is that they start feeling deprived and miserable as soon as they decide on starting a diet. This is the reason many succeed in getting slim a little bit and then indulge in binge eating to gain back more weight than earlier.

Here, we are sharing the top reason of the failure of a diet so that you can be wary of these red flags when you start your next diet.

You use willpower rather than science to control your hunger – Willpower is a very good and effective tool but you should know the area where you can use this tool. Unfortunately, your willpower does not have sufficient power to control your body mechanism such as hunger. You can resist eating but only for a certain time. And once the time is over, you are bound to overeat to compensate the loss of the time when you were resisting. This generally happens because people start dieting on their own without any medical supervision. There are a few diet techniques like HCG where your appetite is controlled scientifically so that you actually lose weight and do not get tempted to overeat. You can visit to understand this scientific approach more clearly.

You didn’t consult a doctor before jumping into a diet – Not all weight gains are due to high intake of the wrong type of calorie or less physical work. There may be some hidden complications in your body that are making you bulky. If your body is not insulin resistant due to any reasons you’ll be an easy prey to weight gain. You may have some inflammation triggering allergies or sensitivities, you may have some gut problems or maybe your body fails to fight fat building pollutants from your environment. There may be a hundred of reasons for your increasing weight. So, meet a doctor to get your body checked thoroughly and get a permission to start a certain form of diet.

There’s no plan at all – Some of us takes diet as a play. Someday we eat a very little food and the other day we forget we started a diet and then again we remember to follow some diet tips. Even the most effective diet technique will not do you any good if are not working according to a plan. You cannot randomly pick one rule from this diet technique another rule from other diet technique and mix and match them to design your unique diet plan. Whatever diet plan you choose, get ample information about the same and follow the rules of that particular diet plan. You need to turn blind to all other diet techniques when you are following one. There are some diets techniques that require you to indulge in some strenuous physical activities while there are some others like HCG where you are discouraged to do exercise for a certain period. If you try to mix and match you won’t get the benefit of any of the techniques.

Setting unrealistic goals – One of the most common reasons for diet failure is over expectation. People tend to set a very high goal in their enthusiasm and start blaming the diet technique when they fail. First, you need to choose a scientifically designed and proven diet technique. And, then you should set a small achievable target for yourself. If you want to lose some more pounds you can anytime start your second phase of the diet. But, if you set an unrealistic goal and fail in your first attempt, it will be really tough to gather the courage to do it once again. And, if you start your second or third phase with the same mistake of setting an unrealistic goal then you won’t be able to trust any diet technique in your life. You should take help from the experts to set the level of achievable weight goal.

Keeping the diet plane and boring – This again is the perfect recipe for diet failure. We are blessed with taste buds that need to be pampered. If you don’t take care of taste variation in your diet plan you’ll surely leave it mid-way in frustration. Your enthusiasm can take you 2-3 days on same breakfast, lunch, and dinner but you’ll start feeling the need for a change the fourth day. You cannot rely on plane water either. Whenever you are going on a diet, you should learn some diet recipe according to your taste. Always remember, dieting is a tough journey by nature and so if you don’t know how to make it interesting you’ll not be able to go much far.

Taking the right thing from the wrong source – When you are following a diet plan, taking the right thing is not enough; the thing needs to come from the right source. As for example; all diet plans recommend you to consume a certain amount of fruits and vegetables. If you consume packaged fruits and vegetables then you are certainly not doing any good to your body. The packaged items contain preservatives that harm your body. Packaged fruits may contain added sugar that will not only add empty calorie but also trigger your appetite. If you don’t want your diet to fail you must take care what you are actually consuming.

You make the plan too much restrictive – You ensure your failure the moment you create an overly restrictive diet plan. If you try to be too tough on your body, you’ll find your body starts being rebellious. It will start craving sugary or fatty things to ruin your diet plan. And, when your body starts rebelling you won’t be able to control the situation. Ask any successful dieter and you’ll find a common thing – they were not too restrictive with their diet routine.

Hope you don’t make these mistakes on your next diet!

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