What is Galantamine ?

Galantamine works by preventing the breakdown of a chemical called acetylcholine. It improves the function of nerve cells in the brain. Those who have dementia typically take lower levels of this substance, which is significant for the process of their thinking, memory, and reasoning. This drug is also used for treating mild to moderate Alzheimer’s type of dementia. The Alzheimer’s disease does not have any specific causes, it is due to the increase of age. The disease intensifies as the age increases. You may forget your things kept anywhere, the loss of words while trying to speak. The Aniracetam Choline nootropic stack is a common combination of brain enhancing supplements that are purported to improve cognitive ability, memory, focus and mood. It is also important to let your doctor know if you are planning to get pregnant at the moment, even though it is not known yet whether this drug can damage an unborn baby. There are tendencies that your doctor will change the dose occasionally. It is to ensure you to get the best results undoubtedly.

The function of acetylcholine

Aniracetam is a widely used cognitive enhancer that demonstrates anxiolytic effects. It is commonly used to address social anxiety and has been reported to promote a positive mood, improved focus and feelings of relaxation. It was originally conceived of as a stronger alternative to Piracetam while still preserving the extremely low toxicity of this original nootropic. This increasing acetylcholine activity in dopamine and serotonin activity in the brain may lead to the anxiolytic properties of Aniracetam. The three best options are Alpha GPC Choline, CDP Choline (Citicoline) or Centrophenoxine. Increasing acetylcholine activity that is Aniracetam with a choline source is said to enhance the effectiveness of this supplement while also preventing the occurrence of some unpleasant side effects. Choline itself has a mild nootropic effect, purported to promote improved memory performance and comprehension. Using racetam cognitive enhancers can cause stores of acetylcholine to be depleted in certain parts of the brain. Based on this theory, this increased demand on the Cholinergic system needs to be offset with an increased supply of choline so that the brain can synthesize more acetylcholine.

Doctor’s attention is required if you are having these following conditions:

Slow heart rate and chest pain, if you have little or cannot urinate, there is blood found in your urine, and stomach bleeding signs such as dawdle or bloody stools, vomiting or coughing up with blood, liver problems and experiencing tiredness or stomach pain, nausea, appetite loss, dark urine, clay-colored stools, and jaundice

Symptoms of dehydration like you feel you are always thirsty and hot, cannot urinate properly, sweating heavily and having dry skin, a light-headed experience. Serious skin reactions like having a fever, swelling in your whole face, skin pain, burning feeling in your eyes, peeling and blistering of your skin.

Summary: Acetylcholine is important neurotransmitter acting on a wide range of functions and tissues throughout the body. It is essential to open up with your healthcare or trainer before using it, in order to ensure that this drug is safe for you.